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Roscommon site plan

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The dimensions, size, configuration and other information on this site plan are meant to be illustrative only, are not to scale and are subject to change without notice. Consult sales staff for easements or restrictions on each lot, if any.

Roscommon Phase III Site Plan

Lot #Lot SizeLot PremiumStatus
111,923 sfSold
211,444 sfN/AModel Home Open at 28 Emerald Way!
929,619 sfSold
1045,515 sfSold
1152,477 sfSold
1224,660 sfSold
1322,878 sfSold
1423,372 sfSold
1521,256 sfSold
1625,808 sfSold
1724,063 sfSold
1810,847 sfSold
1913,149 sfSold
2021,444 sfSold

Roscommon Final Phase IV Site Plan

Lot #Lot SizeLot PremiumStatus
2126,412 sf$40,000Sold
2212,425 sf$30,000Sold
2313,257 sf$19,500Sold
2413,444 sf$17,500Sold
2513,630 sf$21,000Sold
2613,817 sf$22,500Sold

Note: Please add the homesite premium to home price for total home cost. No similar designs can be built next to each other. Home closings are 28 weeks from building permit (weather permitting). Home starts are two per month. Prices are subject to change. Contact Sales Director for openings for home starts and closing dates. Premiums are subject to change without notice.