All of us at Whitman Homes wish you and your family well during these times. We look forward to servicing your new home soon.

If you are home, please wear a mask while we are servicing your home.

Whitman Homes provides customer service to its contracted homeowners who remain within the terms of the one year limited warranty from your closing date provided with your new home.

Non-emergency warranty requests will be handled by appointment between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and we will make every effort to accommodate your schedule. Please be sure to communicate how we can have access to your home for the service visit.

Non-emergency service requests should be submitted as described below, as under the terms of the warranty, it is not transferable. Homes that have been re sold are not eligible for this service.

Emergency Service

Whitman Homes does offer 24/7 coverage for emergency service during the 1 year warranty period.

If you do have an emergency within your 1 year time period (this is limited to the following: no heat, a burst pipe, or a life safety issue), please call 1-800-880-3620. During normal business hours, press extension #420 to notify us of the emergency. For gas smell/odor please call the gas company directly. After hours, our answering service will pick up your call and you can request to have the “ON CALL” Construction Manager paged for a return call.

We take a tremendous amount of pride in the service we provide and look forward to resolving any issue as promptly as possible.

Non-Emergency Service Request Submissions

If you have been notified to submit your “30 day list” or  your “11 month list” or any other non emergency items you would like reviewed, please click on the “Home Care” link at the top of the home page and compile the list of items on an Excel spreadsheet or Word document, along with your name, address and the best telephone number to reach you at and save the file on your home computer.

From this page of our website, simply click “Choose File”, locate and double click on the file you saved, fill out the rest of the form below and then click “Submit”.

That’s it; our Service Rep. will be back in touch with you to review your service items.

Service Request Form




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