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Site Plan

Symington Woods site plan

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Plans are subject to change. All dimensions have been calculated from drawings and are subject to minor variations during construction.

Symington Woods Townhomes

UnitDesignPriceStatusMove in Date
1 HeartwoodBinnacleN/AModel HomeOpen
2 TupeloBinnacleN/AComing Soon!
4 TupeloHalyardN/AComing Soon!
6 TupeloHalyardN/AComing Soon!
8 TupeloBinnacleN/AComing Soon!
2 SagebushBinnacleN/AComing Soon!
4 SagebushHalyardN/AComing Soon!
6 SagebushHalyardN/AComing Soon!
8 SagebushBinnacleN/AComing Soon!
Watch for reservation release coming shortly! For more information call 774-773-3998.