Site Plan


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Plans are subject to change. All dimensions have been calculated from drawings and are subject to minor variations during construction.

UnitStylePriceSite PremiumStatus
1B DesignSold
2B DesignSold
3B DesignSold
4F-1 DesignSold
5F-2 DesignSold
6F-1 DesignSold
7F-2 DesignSold
8D-1 Design$948,000March 2016Last Available
9D-2 DesignSold
10C DesignSold
11C DesignSold
12A DesignSold
14A DesignSold
15A DesignSold
16E-2 DesignSold
17E-1 DesignSold
18A DesignSold
19A DesignSold
20E-1 DesignSold
21E-2 DesignSold